InfiniFix IT Solutions provides professional IT Infrastructure Installation Services that ensure proper functionality of your equipment while maintaining an ergonomic and neat Data Center environment.

Our professional services are based on years of experience dealing with simple and very complex Data Center designs and IT Infrastructure Installations.


We ensure that your investment will be handled professionally and that your  Data Center will end up being a state of the art IT environment, providing both ease of use and security to any engineer or business employee.

We are specialized on the following IT Infrastructure Installations:

  • Server Installation

  • Storage Systems Installation

  • Tape Libraries/Backup Systems Installation

  • Networking (Switches, Routers, WiFi)

  • Monitor Terminal and KVM Switch

  • VoiP Telephony Switches

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Installation and configuration

  • PDU (Power Distribution Units)

  • Structure Cabling (CAT 6/5e, Fiber Optic, Power Cables, etc)

IT Infrastructure Installation Services